Fran├žais / English
Lamb sassle, wasabi crust, yusu juice   26.50€
Saté thai thin slices of chicken, noodles and vegetables wok   18.20€
Morels beef tenderloin   27.50€
Beef ribs cooked on the grill (500 gr)   24.00€
Duckling magret, dry fruits stew, creamy polenta   21.50€
Canette filet, dry fruit mix and creamy polenta   22.50€
Pork filet mignon, ginger citronella, vegetables   26.50€
Beef tartar "THE CLASSIC" prepared by our care   18.80€
Semi cooked salmon, curcuma carrots, coked and raw green asparagus    18.90€ 

Citrusbuttered scallops served on its bed of macaronis


Seabass filet with fennel, cardamom courgette fondant                                                                           

 Roasted tuna, potatoes purée    26.00€